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Motorized Actuators

Brand- Oriental Motors Japan

Motorized Linear Slides– Battery-less Motorized linear sliders equipped with stepping motors, a combination of the Oriental Motor AZ Series products with absolute sensors and THK’s KRF deliver assurance and trust. Since the motor and slide will already be assembled when delivered,the products will help streamline device production, increase work efficiency and improve productivity

Motorized Cylinders- New Standards for Motorized Cylinders equipped with multi movement ability, performance regardless of operating conditions, compact while powerful and applicable to a wide variety of applications. Equipped without batteries, absolute encoder αstep closed loop AZ series motor to contribute the improvement of productivity and cutting cost.

Compact Linear Actuators- The DRS2 Series is compact equipped with the hybrid control systerm αSTEP Series. The linear motion mechanism delivers motion unique to the AZ Seris equipped with hyprid control systerm αSTEP battery-less absolute sensor.

Hollow Rotary Actuators- The DGII series uses the highly efficient and energy saving αSTEP AR series motor. In addition to the pulse type, a high functional built-in controller that supports flex and increases system configuration flexibility is available as well.